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There are several things that won’t live with you past your wedding day, regardless of how much fun you had. The wedding is the start of your new journey as a married couple but it is also filled with special yet elusive moments.

Wedding photographs give you an opportunity to capture these moments so even when they pass especially if your photographer is a wedding photojournalist – one who specializes in capturing documentary moments. The resulting photographs will give you endless opportunities to experience them again and again as you did on your wedding day. The celebration, the love you share with family and friends, fun and unexpected moments that happen throughout the day, and those emotional moments you share with your new husband or wife need to be documented photographically if it is important to relive these photos into the future.

And that is just one reason why investing in wedding photography is very important. But you can’t just barge ahead and commission a wedding photographer without first taking a few, albeit important, things into consideration. Have a read of the tips below.


    Plan A Realistic Budget

Guests at your wedding won’t have any idea how much you spent on decoration or flowers or the food, will they? Thus, it won’t be amiss to save a little so you can invest heavily in photography.

Put it at the back of your mind that as amazing as your guests are, they’ll eventually leave and be on with their lives, but your wedding photos will be with you forever. The documented memories are what you’ll have left once all the dancing stops and music fades away. That alone makes great wedding photography a worthy investment.


   Know Your Style

There are several wedding photographers and ideas out there that you can choose from, but don’t be hasty when you go about doing this. You have to select carefully and the first step you should take is figuring out your style.

What style do you want for your wedding? What experiences do you hope to have and which moments do you want documented more than all others?

The answers to these questions will help you find a wedding photographer that reflects your style. Peruse the photographer’s past work to validate the quality of his wedding photographs and see if it meets the standard you expect. You will find that many are more eclectic, combining a variety of styles – kind of like a “jack of all trades.” Others are more specific in their style, emphasizing a classic portrait and staged approach; or some who are specifically documentary and stay in the background to allow the day’s story to develop naturally.


Request a Quote Quickly

Great wedding photographers get booked up easily, often a year or more in advance. So, immediately after you have the wedding plans are in motion with a date already fixed, begin meeting with photographers so that you can request a quote with the photographer of your choice as soon as possible. Book them before another couple secures their services for the same day your wedding ceremony is taking place.


One additional note to mention. I am not suggesting to secure a reputable photographer blindly, or simply based on someone else’s advice. Referrals are very important, but choosing the “right” photographer requires more effort and research. When you meet with a specific photographer, share your ideas with them about the kind of photographs that are important to you and your expectations. Any successful photographer is interviewing you simultaneously, seeking to discover in this early meeting that his or her style is what you’re looking for. It is far more important for the photographer to decide if he or she is right for you, or if they should recommend someone else who provides a style that will make you happy. Personally, I would much rather send you off to someone else better suited for you than to mindlessly fill up my calendar. Use the meeting to get to know them better so they understand the kind of person you are, and for you to get to know the photographer’s personality as well. .


In addition to understanding the style of the photographer, experience, skills, commitment and passion are some of the core values to look out for when choosing a wedding photographer. These values are what form the foundation of the work we do at Ray Anthony Photography. We are a professional Metro Detroit photography company that always exceeds our clients’ expectations.

If a professional Detroit wedding photographer is who you seek, Ray Anthony Photography would love to talk to you. We’ve captured beautiful pictures and wonderful weddings in breathtaking locations in and around Metro Detroit, so we’re more than equipped to cover your Detroit wedding.

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