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When getting ready for their big day, the majority of couples focus more on the wedding photographer and less about preparing for the wedding photographs. You shouldn’t discount the latter because it’s important too. That’s where you play your part and make the wedding photographer’s work a little easier.


The 3 simple albeit important tips below should serve as a short guide on what you can do to help make your wedding pictures look even better and make them more meaningful to you.


Act Natural

You might think it will be hard to do this since you will be conscious of the wedding photographer’s presence, but just act natural, be yourselves, have your favourite tunes blasting and go about getting ready for your wedding as you normally would. Laugh, have fun, crack jokes and gush about how exciting the day will be.


Leave the wedding photographer to work his magic by capturing excellent photographs of you, your partner, your guests, and everyone there to celebrate your special day.


       While walking down the aisle, keep your eyes up

One common mistake couples make when walking down the aisle is keeping their eyes down, though we can understand why they do this. Anxiety and being nervous compels them to react like this. They’re the center of attention and if they are individuals unused to being in the spotlight, that can be quite overwhelming.


Getting the perfect walking-down-the-aisle picture entails you keep your eyes up and head straight too. Most important of all, walk slowly. If it helps you feel better, distract yourself by alternating between looking at your partner and what’s ahead of you.


  Make the Kiss last a little longer

“You may now kiss the bride” The kiss that succeeds these words should not be hurried nor done in haste. Take your time and savor the moment. It’s arguable if you’ll ever get the opportunity to show the love you have for one another in front of people so closely bonded to you. The longer it takes, the better for the wedding photographer to do what he does best: Capture special, emotion-laden, and powerful moments of your wedding.


That’s really all you need to do; the wedding photographer will handle all the rest. Of course, only the best wedding photographers can capture special moments like this, and if your wedding is in Michigan and you’re looking for a Detroit wedding photographer, Ray Anthony Photography would be delighted to cover your wedding.


In addition to myself, I have a professional wedding photography team made up of some of the most passionate and talented individuals you’ll ever meet. For almost 2 decades now, we’ve captured remarkably beautiful and timeless photographs for amazing couples, and since your wedding is on the horizon, we plan to do the same for yours!


You can call or text us at 866-UNPOSED (867-6733) or contact us here to schedule an appointment. Brush through our website and you’ll see samples of our work and understand why we’re Michigan’s top documentary wedding photography team and why we are the best fit for your Metro Detroit wedding or beyond!