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The main reason why you need a professional photographer when you propose to your loved one is the same reason why you commission a professional wedding photographer for your wedding: To capture and preserve special moments bathed in beauty and borne from raw emotions.

Such a moment is not something you can ever replicate. When you kneel before your loved one and speak words that infinite others before you have spoken, that’s a moment that’s supposed to live on for eternity, and a picture can easily make this possible.


Your proposal is the starting point that will pave the path you will walk toward in your new life together. You will always want to look back and remember the faithful moment it all began. Only a talented proposal photographer can help you achieve this.

Outlined below are 3 simple yet imperative reasons why a professional proposal photographer should be present when you make your wedding proposal.

        To Capture the Moment


Every part of your wedding should be documented because each moment has something special and unique that won’t be there in the next second. But for you, this starts even before your wedding; such moments begin right from when you propose.

The thrill that came with them will pass but not the memories, and that’s something your proposal photographs will help you relive again and again.

You can even show them to your loved ones years after your marriage, recalling the moment and gushing about how wonderful it had been and why it changed your life forever.


       To Capture the Ring

There are several aspects of your proposal that will appeal to many but one aspect that will appeal to everyone is the ring. With a professional proposal photographer, you can have the powerful moment when you present the ring to your loved one captured and saved in brilliant photographs.

You can even frame it and hang it at your favorite spot in your matrimonial home. You want everyone to see and appreciate the moment, don’t you? You want a photo to flaunt the ring and how it happened, and that’s exactly what a proposal photographer can help you achieve.


     To Allow Others Get the Feeling Like They Were There

Not everyone will be present when you propose, of course, but a professional proposal photographer is an excellent way to make sure your friends and family all share in the wonderful experience, even if the moment didn’t happen in their presence.


Hire a professional proposal photographer to make a great album that showcases the splendor of the moment. This album will consist of well-framed photos of the ring, your partner kneeling down, and love and excitement in the air. This album will be the only gateway back to the day you proposed, so all those who couldn’t bear witness to it will still have the opportunity to see where you and your partner began their journey to the wedding ceremony.

To ascertain your proposal is not lost amidst countless other special moments leading up to and on your wedding day, secure the services of a professional and talented wedding photographer like Ray Anthony Weddings.

We are Detroit’s premier wedding photographer that has captured an impressive number of proposals and weddings for years now. Our exceptional skills and talent are evident in every single photograph we take.

Ray Anthony will gladly cover your Detroit wedding, including all the wonderful steps you take leading up to the wedding, starting with the day you propose to your loved one.

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