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What is the ‘perfect wedding?’ Is it the one where your guests talk about how wonderful the food had been long after the wedding ceremony ends? Is it the one where friends and loved ones gush about how beautiful you and your partner had looked on that special day? Or is it the one that had everyone dancing until feet grew sore? Is it a day filled with memories that makes your heart burst in joy, where family and friends surrounded the two of you, celebrating with you and showering you with love?

The perfect wedding is a merger of all these, don’t you agree? Imagine having a wedding day like this, and somehow forgetting to commission a professional photographer to preserve these special moments and memories in photographs. The perfect wedding is one preserved in perfect wedding photographs that hold wonderful, emotional and fun-filled memories that you will always look back on. The perfect wedding has photos that tell the unique story of how the events of the day unfolded.

So what are the necessary wedding photographs that without them might mean your wedding photographer missed the opportunity to create and preserve something truly wonderful? Have a read below and see some of the images we believe are a must for any wedding collection.


    Getting Ready Photos

Getting ready photos are important for many reasons. For one, they kick off the big day. They’re fun too, albeit everyone getting ready can be a tad bit hectic! Nonetheless, it doesn’t take away from the fun of the moment.


Behind the Scenes Photographs

One other thing that sets Ray Anthony Photography apart from other wedding photographers is the belief we have in capturing photos that tell the story of the smallest things; things you’ll miss if you blink; things that other photographers don’t consider worthy of being preserved, but we beg to differ.

Is the sight of an emotional father with his beautiful daughter waiting behind the bridesmaids to walk up the aisle not worth preserving for eternity? What about the groom hanging out with the groomsmen, doing his best to hide his anxiety and failing at it?

Some of these moments are funny while others tug at our heartstrings but the simple fact is, they are all important and deserve their own special place in your wedding album.

Photographs are the most effective medium for you to capture these fleeting moments. A wedding photographer who specializes in wedding photojournalism knows how to find excellent behind the scenes moments. Look at your wedding photos decades from now and nostalgia will draw more than a few happy tears from your eyes.


Emotional Photos

Your wedding is supposed to be an extension of who you are. As highly-experienced wedding photographers, we can tell you that wedding photos look great when they reflect the personality of the couple. But we can also tell you such photos look even better when they capture raw and true emotions as they pour out of you.

We can go so far as to say few things look as beautiful as photographs that capture the true emotions shown between couples on their wedding day. We’ll admit such photos might not always show the prettiest faces but therein lies what makes them so unique: They show pure, beautiful, and honest emotions.

These are photos that show the utter pride and joy etched on a father’s face as he sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. These are photos that show tears staining the bride’s cheeks as she walks towards the man who completes her.

We understand these are emotions that are often hidden from sight but on your wedding day, you’ll open up your heart for everyone to see them, and we’ll be there to capture every blessed second of the moment.

Generational Photos

Suffice to say your parents, grandparents and other siblings will all attend your wedding unless something hinders them, yes? Use that opportunity to have your wedding photographer capture great generational photos that will tell the story of your big day for all those who come after you.

How amazing would it be to look at your wedding photos and see several generations looking and smiling back at you? Or reliving a moment that will make you feel the love you shared with that special person who has since passed. Photographs that will forever tell the story of your families, young and old, and the connection you shared with each of them. Photos that will be preserved for future generations to get a glimpse of those who came before them.

Ray Anthony Photography is the top documentary wedding photography team in Michigan. We are a highly reputable Detroit photography brand with a team of professional, talented, and experienced wedding photographers that have successfully covered weddings around Detroit and all of Michigan. We have brought joy to countless couples for almost twenty years.

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We will capture and document the most special moments of your wedding ceremony. Wedding photos that will be beautiful and unique; a physical embodiment of your wedding!