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5 wedding photography tips for the bride.

Plan your dream wedding and put a lot of time and effort into every detail. After all, it will be a day you will never forget for the rest of your life.But even years after the wedding, only the moments, emotions and memories captured in the photo and video will remain.

Besides hiring a quality photographer, there are many things you can do as a bride to ensure great photos. From creating the first look to choosing a long, flowing veil at the bridal shop, I have narrowed down the top 5 wedding photography tips for brides to follow.

1. Create a mood board

To provide a personalized photo or video shoot, it is important for the photographer or videographer to understand your personality, preferences and relationships. The best way to help the creative team get to know you is to create a mood board. This mood board is created on a website or app like Pinterest where you can save images you like and dislike. This is a great way to visually convey your favorite photo style in your engagement or wedding photos.

2. Minimize Locations

To maximize your wedding day photo shoot time, it’s recommended to minimize  the number of photo locations. You won’t  want to spend more time getting from point A to point B than actually taking pictures. A good photographer should be able to make just about any place work. Even if you don’t like the backdrop options for your venue, trust the photographer’s creative skills. For example, if you have decided on a wedding venue in Orlando then make your mind which exact location at which you want most of the photographs to be clicked.

3.Hiring photography and videography from the same company

Choosing a photographer and videographer from the same studio is often a better choice for many reasons, including:

  • Style combines photography and videography 
  • Reduce Package Contracts and Management
  • Discounts on Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

4. Allocate enough time for each segment of the day

Creating a schedule for your wedding day is very important. Yes, and a wedding planner will assist you. . There is a guideline for the start time and end time for hair, makeup, reception preparation, etc. All photo sessions should be contained within this timeline, such as first look, bridal shower photos, and couples sessions. 

5. Schedule a Couples Session for Best Lighting Hours

If you have booked a venue with spectacular ocean views or a winery’s beautiful vineyards, schedule your couples session 30-45 minutes before sunset. It is important. The romantic hues of golden hour are the favorite times to meet new couples.

Final words

Marriage is like a one time celebration in someone’s life.If you have made your mind for marriage and are looking for the best photographers in Florida then Ray Anthony photography is one of the best choices. They provide good services and different options in case of wedding photography. All the above mentioned tips will be taken good care of by the professionals working with this company.