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All about Destination Wedding Photography Cost 

The total cost of a destination wedding photography varies. Prices vary depending on location, number of days, number of events, exchange rate between USD and local currency, time of year and also greatly on the company you choose. However, the average estimated base cost for a destination wedding photography is around $3500.

What Affects the Cost of a Destination Wedding photography 

A destination wedding photography has the same key elements as a local wedding. You need photos of invitations, dresses, rings, venues, catering, florists, music, cakes and officials along the couple. Travel, accommodations, group activities, little extras, and a full-service wedding planner are the factors that ultimately drive up costs. 

However, there are some details about destination weddings photography that can save you money.Destinations in countries where exchange rates work in your favor tend to be cheaper the farther away your money is. 

Wedding Tips

You have selected a great wedding venue. Now read on for some tips to help you plan your destination wedding.

Guest List Management

The number of guests influences all decisions, including venues and photography cost. If you choose a location that’s off the beaten track or has limited space, you’ll need to be a little tougher on your guest list.If you can’t keep your guest list organized, consider a destination closer to your hometown. The more number of guest the higher number of photos you need to take out. Like if you plan to get married in Rochester then the high-end photographers of Rochester will let you know what will be cheaper for you. 

Plan your wedding date

Once you’ve picked a popular destination, book your wedding during quieter times to avoid the crowds during high season. The spring or fall off-season may offer guests the best airfare and room rates and get their desired dates (and possibly better deals) at the venue. The photography cost also depends on the season so plan your wedding accordingly to save more money. 

Extra camera tools

This is an important thing to do. If you don’t take the extra equipments on a destination wedding it might cost additional expenses. If by mistake any mishappening takes place with the tools you use and the place has no shop for these tools then a new headache of bring it back from the town is hectic, time consuming and expensive at the same time. So its better and adviced to follow this tip. 

Final words

Whatever be the cost of the wedding photography it’s always fascinating to plan a destination wedding. If you are planning wedding photography then Ray Anthony photography will serve in whichever country you plan the wedding. All the professional and trained photographers of this company tries it’s best to give the best services.