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wedding photojournalist in Michigan

How does the location decide the cost of wedding photography?


How does the location decide the cost of wedding photography?

wedding photojournalist in Michigan

How does the location decide the cost of wedding photography?

Photography costs are a significant part of a wedding budget, and many couples don’t realize it until they face it. How much does a wedding photo shoot cost? Simply put, it depends. You may be able to find a photographer  who would be happy to photograph your wedding for $500. Also, high-end photographers who specialize in the upscale market range up to $25,000 and up. 

There are three main factors that affect the cost of wedding photography. 


Perhaps you can look up the average price for wedding photography in your area. For example, in the Michigan area, the median price for wedding photography is about $2,500.  No matter where you live, professional quality wedding photography is a significant investment. The average price is the same with slight fluctuations in different cities. 

2. Pricing and Package Structure

There is no “one size fits all” package offered by all photographers, so it can be difficult to compare apples to apples when it comes to wedding photography. For example, some photographers charge extra for a second photographer, while others are included in the price. Each package may or may not include an album. When looking at photographers, keep in mind that everyone has different pricing and package configurations. So please do not guess based on the prices posted on the website. See what’s included in this price. When comparing photographers, make sure you are comparing the same products and services side by side. Ask the questions necessary to approximate the apples-to-apples comparison.

3. Skills and Experience

This is a big deal. Two photographers in the same city offering the same products and services can cost thousands of dollars differently. How is that? The answer usually depends on your skill and experience. As the quality, consistency and artistry of a photographer’s work increases, so does the price. The phrase “you get what you pay for” is usually true when it comes to wedding photographers. Remember that just because you’ve seen a handful of photos on your favorite photographer’s website doesn’t mean you’ll see that level of quality in your entire wedding gallery.  The difference of going to a more expensive photographer is that you are more likely to get more photos of your big wedding day than going to a budget photographer. There is a wide range of skills and overall quality between low-end and high-end photographers.

How much does wedding photography cost? Stick to my short answer: it depends. But I hope this explanation helps you get some context for your search.

Final words.

Your wedding day is fleeting. Get caught up in a vortex of excitement with people. When this hurricane passes, all that’s left is your relationship and wedding photos. Your photos are the only way to preserve the precious memories of the day. When choosing a wedding photographer, think carefully and don’t let the issue of cost be the sole deciding factor. If the wedding is in Michigan or near it then Ray Anthony photography is the best option for you. The services provided by its well trained and professional photographers are all worth the money and budget friendly.