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The simple fact is, your wedding day is always going to be one of the best days of your life. From planning to execution and experiencing something new and wondrous, it’s truly going to be a big day for you.

This explains why many couples invest so much time and effort in planning their wedding. A key component of the wedding is the engagement, even though it happens long before the ceremony itself. One of our more memorable sessions last year was with Rachel and Anthony, the couple featured here in this post. They brought their love, laughter, props and awesome personalities to the session and magic was the result!

The Fisher Building is a wedding venue that impresses with grand ceilings and an art deco style erected from marble and granite. It’s a structure built to evoke feelings of awe and we love working there because few other event spaces offer what the Fisher Building does. We welcome and feature them today in our weekly vendor spotlight series!


For some couples, there are moments of indecision regarding a wedding photographer. They ask if a professional wedding photographer is necessary or not, and we will tell you right now that if you want to preserve your memories so they last a lifetime, an experienced wedding photographer is more than a necessity. Here are 5 reasons why engagement photos are pretty much precedents for your wedding.

   To capture one of the best moments of your life

An engagement is as important as a wedding because it is the prologue to the main event. It also marks the beginning of your wedding planning journey. Undoubtably, your family and friends will celebrate your declaration to the world that you have decided to be partners for life, that a wedding day is in your future, and surround you with love and support! Taking engagement photos helps you capture and document these special moments that can’t be replicated again. Someday, you will look back on those photos and a warm smile will spread across your face.


   They can be used to tell a little bit about your love story

Taking engagement photos offers you an opportunity to express yourself in a natural way; to show what the person you’re engaged to means to you. These photos, when documented, can be used to share your love story. They could also be a prelude to the story that will be told on your wedding day.


   They help you practice for your wedding day

Everyone wants to get perfect wedding photos on their wedding day. Taking engagement photos helps you achieve that because it makes you more comfortable being in front of the camera. It also offers you an opportunity to find your style and vibe; which works best for you.


  They can be used in the overall wedding design

Engagement photos are multi-functional because they can be integrated into your overall wedding design. They can also be used for your wedding website or made into an album and used as a guest book at the wedding.


It offers you an opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer

Before hiring a wedding photographer, you must have heard or read a lot about several of them. However, through engagement photos, you can ascertain what you like and don’t like, and your photographer will know exactly what to do when the wedding day arrives. Spending time with your photographer is personal. It gives everyone the opportunity to get to know one another much more than just the initial meeting you had when you decided to commission the photographer. We photograph almost every couple who secures us for their wedding day. I can tell you, it makes a huge difference compared to not having the opportunity. We actually get the chance to become friends in advance and it gives the couple trust and confidence once the wedding day arrives to be themselves and not worry about their photos.

COVID-Pandemic Engagement Session Offer

Above are 5 key reasons why you should definitely schedule an engagement session with your photographer. In this time of uncertainty, engagements are still happening, but couples are hesitant to choose an actual wedding date and secure their venue and vendors.

If you are engaged and have not yet begun a serious search for your Michigan wedding photographer, Ray Anthony Photography would love to talk to you and extend a special opportunity. Rather than have you decide on securing us for your wedding especially in these uncertain times, and prior to actually choosing a wedding date, we are offering potential couples the opportunity to schedule us for your engagement photos before making your decision to have us photograph your wedding. This way you get the best of both worlds. You can celebrate your engagement in photos, get an opportunity to work with us, and decide whether or not we are a good fit! When the time comes that you are comfortable to choose your wedding date and book your vendors, you can decide at that time if Ray Anthony Photography has earned your confidence and trust to become your wedding day photographer. Locations are limited due to the pandemic, and sessions begin at $400. And the best part of this special offer is, we will credit your $400 fee toward a wedding day package if you do decide to make us your wedding day photographers.

You can contact us today and schedule a free consultation too. You can also reach us by calling or texting 866-UNPOSED (867-6733). Visit our website and see why we are Michigan’s premier wedding photographers!