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The Royal Park Hotel

I have so many fond memories of photographing weddings at the beautiful Royal Park Hotel, but there is one that will be hard to replace as my most memorable. It was Michelle and Bobby Belke’s wedding, back in May of 2010. Michigan wedding planner, Carolyn Hefner of The China Closet, approached me toward the end of the evening and asked me what time I was leaving? She informed me that something exciting was going to happen and that I might want to stick around for the big surprise…The wedding band had just returned from their break in the hotel lounge, where they ran into a handful of American Idol finalists who were staying in the hotel. They were in town for their first concert of the American Idol summer tour. The band convinced three of the them to crash the wedding reception and surprise the bride and groom! Because the TV show had just ended a couple of weeks before, the three American Idol singers, Casey James, Michael Lynche, and Andrew Garcia were instantly recognized by the wedding guests as they walked onto the dance floor! The bride and groom were ecstatic! The three American Idols joined the band on the stage and sang their hearts out for several songs! What a blast! Below are a few of those photos…


Now on with my Venue Spotlight….

In this latest edition of our location spotlight series, we would like to provide our clients with a glimpse into what a wedding at The Royal Park Hotel would be like. It has been our immense pleasure to photograph a number of wedding reception and ceremonies which have taken place at the hotel. Time and time again, the signature finesse of the classically inspired decor always leaves a permanent impression on guests.


Situated in Downtown Rochester and positioned on the serene banks of the Paint Creek River, this grand venue unites an abundance of modern luxury with all of the charm and signature touches that you would expect from the old English manor houses that provide its inspiration. The gorgeous detailing of the venue’s decor – in the likes of the Murano glass chandeliers, the soft fluttering white canopies, or the Italian marble gallery – convey its historic European influence. In this modern revival of an English country manor house, glamour is apparent everywhere you look. 

What makes a wedding at The Royal Park Hotel special?

Each and every one of the hotel’s breathtaking reception locations on offer – whether it be the Royal Grand Ballroom, the Belgium Glass Conservatory or the Park Pavillion – looks as if it’s emerged straight from the pages of a fairytale. This awe-inspiring venue possesses all of the very best elements of tradition and beauty that the occasion evokes.  The elegance in its decor and the inspired decorations that the Royal Park uses to adorn the setting ready for the wedding makes it a dream venue for any couple who seek a modern and glamorous affair, while still wishing to keep the occasion deeply romantic and potent. In addition, the fact that it has been awarded a Four Diamond AAA status is a true testament to the hotel’s exceptionally high level of service quality, in all areas.


What can the hotel offer its guests?

The venue provides guests with a location well-equipped to keep everyone happy. Being immersed in stunning natural surroundings while remaining accessible and just a short distance away from the city of Rochester, it provides, quite literally, ‘the best of both worlds’. While the venue is an incredibly popular spot for classically glamorous, intimate and deeply romantic weddings, the hotel is also a sought after escape for weekends away, thanks to its fantastic facilities. Guests are spoilt for choice, with everything from a library to a fitness center at their disposal. Plus, the divine menu of The Royal Park’s PARK 600 restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients to showcase the region’s produce at its finest. 


What is the current situation regarding COVID-19? 

The hotel has put in place detailed initiatives to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure the safety of its guests upon their reopening. The team has worked alongside community partners, industry experts, health officials, WorldHotels and BWH Group in order to guarantee that the venue achieves the very highest level of safety and sanitation. Currently, the hotel is navigating the process of reopening. It has introduced extensive sanitation initiatives to help it achieve this, which include investments into a state-of-the-art Clorox Total 360 electrostatic sprayer system, P&G hospital-grade cleaning products, sanitizer stations and the strict enforcement of social distancing. The hotel is in the position to be able to assure its guests that their commitment to cleanliness is a long-standing one. Not only did they receive the 2020 AAA Best of Housekeeping award, but the hotel was one of just 25% of AAA’s member hotels that were able to exceed the body’s expectation of standards of cleanliness.


If The Royal Park Hotel ticks all the boxes for your dream wedding venue, our team of photographers will be able to preserve the lifelong memories that you make during your fairytale wedding in this breathtaking setting. The photographs that we take depict the raw emotions of you and your guests, exactly as they were felt in these beautiful moments. Our commitment to capturing such sensations within our craft, matched with this idyllic venue, will guarantee that the photographs you receive of your wedding day will delight you for the rest of your life. Give us a call or text us at 866-UNPOSED (867-6733) or simply click on “contact” above. Enjoy some of our favorite moments over the last decade!