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What are  Included in the Wedding Photography Packages? 

There are so many wedding photographers in Michigan  and they all offer something different. Here’s what you can expect from a wedding photography package.

What is included in the Wedding Photography Package?

Most wedding photography packages include a combination of the following items:

1.Photography coverage of the day

Often packages are marked “up to 6 hours” or “up to 8 hours” or “ceremony to performance”. The length of time the photographer takes the picture obviously affects the price of the package.

2. Secondary Photographers

Some wedding photographers offer the opportunity to hire a second photographer. Most wedding photographers assume that the second photographer will be there for the same amount of time as the main photographer.

3. Wedding Photography

May include wedding photography. This is a session held a few months before the wedding. Some people even call it an engagement photo shoot. It’s like shooting a game where you get to know your photographer and they get to know you. 

4. USB flash drive

The USB flash drive can be included with high-resolution edited photos (meaning you can use the images to create your own prints or online scrapbooks with a provider of your choice).

5. Certain Quantities of Digital Photography

Packaging must indicate how many pictures to expect after the wedding.

7. An online gallery 

Online Gallery Most photographers provide access to their own password-protected online gallery, where they can share their photos with family and friends. Often times, these galleries allow you and your loved ones to purchase individual prints at prices set by the photographer.

8. Wedding Album

Can contain wedding albums. It’s also hard to compare because there are so many album providers out there. 

9. Large Frame or Canvas

Can be single frame wedding photos or canvas paintings to hang on the wall. Be sure to specify the size of the frame or canvas (or other item) and when you will receive it.

10. Preview Album

May include a preview album, a photo album of all edited photos printed in an inexpensive booklet. This is not a wedding album.

11.Best Photo Videos

Photographers can create short videos with music showcasing the best photos of a wedding.

12. Price/Deposit

The package must describe in detail all elements included in the photographer’s services. You must indicate a price with or without VAT. You must also clearly state the amount of the deposit required to secure your reservation and when full payment of the package fee is due. This varies by country. All fees here in Michigan are usually paid a month to two weeks before the wedding.

Additionally, photographers must indicate which payment methods they accept, such as BACS (bank transfer), checks, and card payments.

Final words 

Finding the best wedding photographers in Michigan can be tough but it’s important at the same time. So its better to go for Ray Anthony photography in Michigan that provides the best services at the best price in the wedding photography market.