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What should be the camera position according to the Different style


What should be the camera position according to the Different style

wedding photographer in Michigan,
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What should be the camera position according to the Different style :

From dresses to adornments, style preferences vary from couple to couple. Her one of the most important style decisions every couple has to make is choosing a wedding photographer. In fact, you should choose your wedding photography style before approaching a potential photographer.If you go the other route, book first and learn about the style later.


Today’s most popular wedding photography styles include fine art and dark and moody imagery, but also classic imagery. remains the same.


With so many options, it’s difficult to choose exactly the style of wedding photography that’s best for you. But Kirshner says there’s an easy way to find out. It’s about analyzing social media storage. Check Instagram or Pinterest to see what kind of images you like and save the most. If you see a pattern that they all look alike or belong to the same family, that’s great. You can check what you like.


From snapshots to classics, here’s everything you need to know about wedding photography styles to help you decide on a photographer.


Classic and traditional photos are similar to the photos many couples’ parents have at their wedding. These simple pictures may not be very creative. Usually photographed posing at eye level, it has proven its worth. Most photographers incorporate at least some traditional photography into the mix, especially for the post-ceremony family portrait.


Candid, documentary photography creates the most haunting and memorable images. That is why many photographers adopt the style of photojournalism. These photographers treat their wedding day like a feature or news story. Let the moment unfold naturally and snap into place as you absorb the magic in the moment.

Dark and Moody

Not surprisingly, this gloomy and moody photo is exactly what it says it is. It’s dark, moody, and dramatic. In this style, photographers want to photograph couples with shadows and sharp lines that create unusual creative patterns and lighting. “This style involves dark editing and dark photography

Aerial Photography

You may not want to shoot your entire wedding day in aerial photography, but drone photography is becoming more and more popular. A great addition offered by photographers, aerial photography is great for photo sessions, celebrations and, if outdoors, receptions.

Fine Art

Fine art photography is commonly associated with film, but it’s become more of a hybrid these days, especially since it’s become so popular. The style is known for being light, and airy.

It looks softer, more subtle and prettier than her prints that are purely digital. Art belongs to the light and airy style that is usually achieved in film.

Black and White

Black-and-white wedding photography is more about editing than style of photography, but some photographers only use black-and-white cameras. At least a few of them have provided black-and-white photographs.

Final words 

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