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Wedding Videography

Ray Anthony Weddings is now offering documentary videography to complement our award-winning documentary photography. By joining together both photo and video, we will provide you with a cohesive, creative team that works seamlessly together with the same focus of style and minimalistic approach of capturing your wedding in a documentary style.

Ray Anthony Photography

What We Offer You


We will capture the unfolding story on your wedding day from moment we arrive until we leave. You will forget that we are even there, enjoying and celebrating your day.


Ray is supported by multiple photographers to provide different camera angles and to capture your entire wedding day story. We don’t want to miss a thing!


Not only will we make great photographs that celebrate your engagement, we will have fun together, spending the time and getting to know each other before your wedding day.


We offer from 8 hours to unlimited hours of photography coverage! We will begin early with your getting ready photos and stay until the very last dance of your reception. You will see photos that you didn’t even realize had happened.


You will receive a copy of your complete collection of wedding day photos on a flash drive. All images are professionally, color corrected and include a copyright release.


We offer a variety of options to make for you high quality, heirloom wedding albums that are custom designed to your specific requirements. Our albums come with a life time warranty.


What our Clients say

Ray Anthony has photographed couples from Australia and England as well as all over the USA for over 25 years! Check out some of his great reviews from former wedding couples he has photographed…

"Where's ths 6th star? Ray, beth, and everyone they work with are amazing. | never had professional photos before. After the engagement photos, i felt like i knew Ray and Beth for years. Truly amazing people! Ans his work?!?!?! AMAZING. | love Rays documentary style. He captuted moments from the wedding i never even saw. | think the several days i spent looking over the photos, i laughed and cried all over again. The only con, Ray and Beth are stuck with me for as long as ill need photos taken! 🙂 very professional, amazing work, superior quality photos!"


Simply amazing! Customer service is awesome not to mention the photos are amazing. Best in the industry when it comes to photo documentary. So happy | found him. Photos are the #1 regrets couples have so don't regret anything just book him!


Ray is truly a gifted photographer! He is kind, professional, easy going, and a master of his craft. The images he captured are gorgeous! He has an awesome eye and we love how he documented all the emotion and details of the day. He is immensely talented and we are so grateful he was a part of our wedding!


We were very happy with Ray Anthony as our wedding photographer. We love his website--he described his style really well and there are many examples of his work (you get a very good idea of what kind of product you will get). His style is primarily photo-journalistic; he captures candid, un-posed moments in beautiful photographs. Yet he is also flexible, such that he was willing to do the many portraits that my family required. | felt my wedding was small and simple compared to the elaborate weddings that he does, but we nevertheless got gorgeous photos (people are constantly flying him out of state to do these huge weddings!). He is thorough and plans well in advance of the event. We met originally at a coffee shop, booked, and then about a week before the wedding, filled out a detailed questionnaire and talked on the phone going over the details of the big day. He was true to his timeline and makes a lovely slideshow that he posts on the internet about 6 weeks after our wedding. We have receive tons of complements!!! One of my friends describes our pictures as watching a very elegant movie! | think that's a great description! He does a great job capturing action and emotions. If you are looking for someone who will tell you where to put your hands and to smile at the camera, Ray Anthony isn't your guy. But if you are looking for someone who will capture the joy and moments of your day, | highly recommend Ray!!


The funny thing about a wedding it's only one day! But, the wedding photos will last a life time. We did not want the typical portrait type shots. You know, the kind that collects dust in a box or album in your basement. We wanted the unforgettable moments! The ones that you will look at and say “wow, look at my family and friends and would make you cry as you recall that moment and relive it all over again” The type of shots that you want to frame every single one of them in your home! Ray knows how to make moments come alive again, the unforgettable! He is a truly talented and extremely professional! His work is absolutely beautiful and more importantly, unique! The kind of photos you see in a magazine. He says it's an honor to have shot our wedding however, to us, it was an honor having such a talented photographer shooting our special day. We cannot thank him enough and as a bride, trust me when | say, you want him as your photographer!


When | first spoke to Ray Anthony, | knew that he was the photographer | wanted to capture my wedding memories. Ben and | went to California to have our engagement session with Ray Anthony- we had so much fun and the pictures were amazing. The countdown was on to the wedding 😉 Ray Anthony has to be one of the most talented people in the industry. He is so professional. | remember during our phone consultation before the wedding he asked permission to be in the back of church in order to capture that moment before my dad walked me down the aisle. | said absolutely, and Ray Anthony captured that smile | gave my dad- something | will never forget. And to be honest | had no idea where he was physically when he captured that moment 🙂 He just doesn't give you wedding images, he gives you back the story of the best day of your life. His photos tell a story, and | give him my highest recommendation.


| could not be happier with my wedding photographs. The pictures are absolutely stunning. Ray captured the spirit and energy of our families, our celebration, and our love. | will treasure these photos forever. Additionally, Ray and his crew were professional, courteous, and detail-oriented. | am proud to highly recommend Ray Anthony Photography.


Excellent moment catch!! Life time cherish!!!


Ray Anthony Photography is the best possible choice you could make for an event photographer. It's been a while since our wedding and we only just recently finished choosing the photos for our album, it was difficult considering the amount and quality. We stuck with Ray's preferred method of few poses and allowed him to capture the event in a more natural way, and each photo is perfect, telling a special story from our very special day. He is a natural documentary photographer, able to figure out important relationships and people’s quirks, while blending into the background and freezing in time the most candid moments of your day. | could go on forever about how much | love our photos! Ray and his staff are all professional and courteous at every stage, from planning all the way to the tedious process of completing the order. | suppose his serviced are considered a little pricey by most standards but every penny was worth it and even if | had been a tighter budget | would have sacrificed elsewhere to still have Ray Anthony capture our wedding.


Ray did a beautiful documentary style of photography for our wedding. Loved it


I really cannot say enough about working with Ray Anthony. As most brides will tell you, the day goes by in the blink of an eye and you wake up the next morning married with only a faint recollection of the past 24 hours- its a blur. This is how | felt until | got my proofs back from Ray. Suddenly | was not only able to piece together this incredible day, but | was able to relive it and all its emotion over and over (and over and over) again. Of course he will get those standard posed group shots, but what makes him so incredible is his ability to capture the small little moments, the ones you don't even remember happening. What is even more amazing is that he does it in a completely unobtrusive way. My favorite thing about working with him on the day of the event is that | did not even notice him; | was able to experience the day without feeling like | was constantly posing for a photographer. He wants his brides to live in the moment and although it will not feel like he is watching, he is so you can relive it when the dust settles.


One of the things my husband and | both agree on is that hiring Ray as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. He was punctual, friendly, and incredibly down-to-earth. After the first meeting, we knew we would be in good hands with Ray. When our big day finally arrived he and his assistant arrived on time; he was very discreet through the hustle and bustle of getting ready so | never felt uncomfortable with him around; and he really listened to us when we requested specific poses or backdrops. We were blown away by the creativity, the quality, and the true artistry of each photo. Friends, family, and even strangers have made comments about how amazing our wedding photos turned out. Ray’s style of taking a photojournalistic approach to weddings produced a stunning collection of wedding photos my husband and | will cherish for the rest of our lives. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” ..well not if they are taken by Ray — his will simply leave you speechless.


Ray Anthony, you, made our wedding perfect. Even now, thinking back about our wedding, | smile remembering how Ray Anthony added so much to our wedding day. We live in Australia and therefore our destination wedding in the USA meant we could only meet Ray the night before our wedding. And as we knew it would be, for us it was a match made in heaven. He was a perfect fit for our wedding, he was the only photographer for us. He not only captures moments in time, he captures the atmosphere and emotions of that moment. The quality of his photos are amazing. His service is exceptional. His knowledge of the locations meant each and every photo was a stand out. His creative flair and his eye for the little details was incredible. He was such a huge part of our day, but he was almost invisible as he worked. He worked quickly and silently capturing more photos and creating more memories than we could have asked for! His quiet style meant he blended into the background and our guests were captured being themselves rather than 'posing’ for photos. He put everyone at ease immediately and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. We experienced our Wedding Day as the Bride and Groom, but to then see our day through his camera lens, was and still is breath taking. Simply put, Ray Anthony made our wedding day ‘picture perfect'! We whole heartedly recommend Ray Anthony Photography to everyone, and look forward to one day renewing our vows, with Ray Anthony next to us, capturing our treasured memories again. Thank you Ray, you truly made our wedding day, perfect.


We had the pleasure of meeting Ray at my sister in laws wedding where we were instantly in love with his photography approach and incredible personality. Five years later we were thrilled to call and ask Ray to be a part of our big day as well. As a couple, our biggest concern was the ability of the photographer to capture the "realness" of our wedding day and the personalities of those involved in or celebration. As a bride, my biggest concern was selecting a photographer whom | was comfortable with and felt could help me remain cool and collected on my wedding day. Ray met and exceeded all of our expectations in these areas. Ray has an amazing calming way about him that you cannot help but be effected by. His years of experience shine through as he helps his brides (and grooms | am sure) remain calm and composed while helping them achieve the wedding pictures of their dreams. While | know Ray was very much there for all the important memories from my big day (as evidenced by his amazing pictures of every moment) he was very much able to blend in and go with the flow so his presence never seemed disruptive or unnatural. | cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the pictures from our wedding day - not one person who looks through our album fails to comment on the amazing shots he took. | love and cherish each and everyone of them - and can easily feel and relive the emotion of the day simply by looking at them. 1 absolutely would recommend Ray (and have to several friends - one of whom hired him) without a shred of doubt! Thank you Ray for being so phenomenal - | only wish Damien and | could have you around for all our magical moments!


I truly loved Ray's approach and style of photography for my wedding...he captured the day and evening as it unfolded naturally and created a beautiful album for us to always remember the day in its entirety. Ray grasped the essence of our wedding location and somehow always seemed to be in the right place at the right time to get the perfect photographs of us, family, and friends! Al in all we are extremely happy with Ray and truly appreciate his fantastic work. Thank you, Robert and Dana


My wife and | are so happy Ray Anthony took our wedding pictures. My wife was worried about all the things that may go wrong on the wedding day. Ray calmed her nerves and told her to trust him. She did, and Ray over-delivered on his promise. Our wedding pictures are the most beautiful pictures we have ever seen? Ray got every shot of every special moment. He captured them all and brought the pictures to life. My family and friends were amazemed at how beautiful the wedding album turned out. My mother explained, “the emotions captured on the pictures make me feel like | am reliving the wedding”. My wife and | would like to thank Ray Anthony and his staff for a wonderful wedding day experience and for the timeless pictures we will someday show our children. Lisa & John October 1, 2010


We shopped extensively for our wedding photographer. Since my husband is a photographer himself, we knew every well what we were looking for. Ray is a full time professional photographer. During our shopping process, we found that many photographers out there use post-processing heavily, which we didn't really want. Most of our pictures from him are original with very limited post-processing, if any. Because we live in Boston, it was challenging to schedule a meeting or engagement section in person. Ray was flexible enough to fly in on a weekend to do an engagement for us. Through this process, we got to know each other and learned about each other's style. We also found his service to be of good value as we received all the pictures (in RAW format) on a hard drive, which gives us an opportunity to play with the files ourselves in the future as technology advances. Many photographers out there refuse to do that. We highly recommend Ray.


Ray is a true artist! Picking him as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made. He captured some amazing candid photos that we cherish and have framed in our home. He also worked with us before- hand to ensure that we had all the portrait shots we wanted. One of the best things about Ray is that you don't even know he's there - he documents the day as it happens and unfolds, and when you review your wedding slideshow (which he puts together amazingly), you will feel like you are re-living your wedding all over again. You can literally feel the emotion in his photos. Ray is amazing!


Ray Anthony Photography did an outstanding job capturing our destination wedding in Longboat Key, Florida. His images were beyond our wildest expectations and he was a joy to work with. He is truly a master in his field! We treasure the fact that he was able to document our special day for us with exceptional imagery and are still amazed when we are transported back to our wedding day every time we look through our album. Ray is no doubt the best!


1 did a lot of research on photojournalistic style photography in SE Michigan before our wedding and came across Ray Anthony....his work definitely looked superior on his website, so | decided he was exactly what | wanted in a photographer. | was a bit concerned about our venue and its lack of nice looking backgrounds for photos, and | warned him about it but he said he could work with it no matter what. He was right...our photos were amazing! One of my bridesmaids who does photography as a hobby said she'd see something happening during the ceremony or reception that would make a perfect pic, and before she could even say anything he was already there taking shots. It was like he could predict where he needed to be and when during our whole ceremony and reception! Ray is one of those who works his tail off and puts out great results. | ke how much passion he has for the industry as well. He even asked * =~~~ *= = ="~ - since he didn't want to sit down during the reception in fear that he might miss ~English Y —) satisfied with Ray Anthony and would recommend him to all of our friends! Recognizing Text e


Ray Anthony Photography was fantastic. They really captured our wedding day beautifully from start to finish. Al of our photos and album are incredible. They were easy to work with and very friendly. | would definitely recommend them to anyone.


Ray Anthony and his photography assistants go beyond traditional photography. They capture the essence of ° ‘ the wedding. His style is more candid-camera than posed, which is exactly what | wanted. He captures the smiles, laughter, and tears of a wedding. He captures all of the tiny details that you worked so hard to pick 1 and create such a wonderful atmosphere for your wedding and that you want to remember forever. He is i extremely professional and friendly. He really knows his stuff and it feels as if he simply fades into the background while he captures everything that is going on. He will also do some posed shots if that is what you want. We wanted the standard family, friends, brical party posed shots and i NV — efficiently. You will have to book him at least a year ahead of time though becat g . i ecognizing Text 3 works out of Las Vagas and LA, not just Detroit, so he's a popular man-BUT IS WELL WORTH IT.


Ray Anthony's work transcends predictable wedding photography and becomes fine art; with each photo able to stand alone. Together the photos reflect Ray's background in film/cinema....re-telling the whole story that we missed because of the excitement! We were thrilled to have him photograph our wedding and selected him after reviewing hundreds of portfolios. As artists, the photographs were our top concern. He and his team were nearly invisible, but managed to capture each and every glance, our guest's laughs, as well beautiful overall shots of the surroundings. Very professional, organized and flexible... with an excellent team. Highly highly recommended.


We loved using Ray Anthony to shoot our wedding. He has an artful eye, and a rare ability to capture the moment in both candid and traditional ways. He is also a pleasure to work with.


Ray did a fabulous job capturing our wedding moments. The images are beautiful and | am proud to display } them in my home. | would highly recommend him. i


Using Ray Anthony Photography was one of the best decisions | made while planning my wedding. There is nothing that | would have changed about my wedding day and every wonderful moment was captured in our beautiful photographs. As these photos were very important to me, | picked out the ones for our album pretty quickly and with only a few edits it was done in a flash. Both Ray and his wife were kind, professional, fast, and delivered on everything that they promised. Our photos, including our canvas print (which | love!), and our album are displayed all around our house--1 love showing them off. Even 5 years later, people still compliment us on how beautiful our photos are and ask who was our photographer. Thank you Ray Anthony Photography for everything!


We heard about Ray because our friends were using him for their wedding also. We met with him and were blown away by his photos. But in addition to the photos we loved his attitude. He was friendly and made us feel at ease. Even though he deals with clients all the time, | didn't feel like just another potential client. He took the time to explain everything to us. We had the chance to work with him before our wedding doing engagement photos and we saw him again at our friend's wedding. Each time he was professional and friendly! On the day of our wedding he was exactly where he promised to be. He got so many shots that were so special to us and we love looking at all the time! My husband's family is Greek so there was a lot of Greek dancing at the reception. Ray was down on the ground in the middle of it all, getting such amazing shots that we never would have though of! | think he even had a spotter with him! I can't say enough good things about Ray and his photography. We had more friends use him after our wedding and it was wonderful to see him again. We were so pleased with our photo book and our photos from our special day and we are so happy we decided to go with Ray Anthony Photography!


1 absolutely love our photos, they are pieces of artwork that are hung throughout the house. Ray has a phenomenal eye, and | would recommend him to anyone who places photography at the top of their wedding priority list. He was so easy to work with as well, and very unobtrusive.


Still years after my wedding a glimpse of any of the images of my wedding bring joy and happiness. The images that ray was able to capture are priceless and timeless. He truly captures the moments that matter and he let's the experience and moments happen without intruding or impeding. He is an amazing man, very friendly and nice- the kind of person you want nearby on your wedding day but the best part is that you dont notice him! He sits back and watches the day unfold and he has a great eye for the most touching and loving moments. Even though my wedding was years ago | think | love my pictures more now and | am so happy that ray was my photographer.


Ray Anthony and his team provided us with exactly what we wanted in a photographer, an artistic mix of photojournalistic style but also traditional posed photographs. Extremely professional but yet easy to work with and not pretentious as some other choices considered. We were extremely pleased with final results and would definitely recommend Ray Anthony to anyone who values capturing the moment.


| LOVE my wedding photos! Every moment was captured with artistic professionalism. Ray is extremely talented and a great guy to work with.


My wife and | were introduced to Ray one year before our wedding. We found Ray via the web and after a few short minutes of browsing his site, his style and pure talent captured our hearts. We had to work with him! When we were introduced to Ray in person, there was instant chemistry (and a great feeling that our high expectations would be overachieved). His charm, wit and style truly gave us a sense of comfort, which resulted in very natural and timeless captured moments. We had the pleasure of working with Ray on two different occasions leading up to the wedding and then, of course, he was there on the big day. Ray and his co-workers were professional and fun, fully sharing in our special day. The product, in the end, was much more than the pictures and albums; we are blessed with treasured memories that bring smiles, laughter & tears to our family... for generations to come.


When my now-husband proposed to me in June of 2009, | immediately began planning my dream wedding. There were a few things | knew for certain - | wanted to be married the following year, at St. Hugo (my childhood school & church) and that Ray Anthony would be our photographer! After seeing his amazing work for my friend's wedding the year prior, | knew that there was no other photographer who could compare to the beauty, simplicity, and emotion that Ray was capable of capturing. Your photos become the living memory of your wedding - why would you hesitate to work with anything less than the best? Of all the planning that went into our wedding, this was by far, the easiest decision. Ray was incredibly professional, flexible, responsive and best of all - | barely even noticed he was there. Brides will appreciate this on their wedding day! There is so much commotion and racing around, the last thing you want to do is constantly see a camera in your face. Ray was so subtle throughout the ceremony and reception that | was awed at the photos he ended up shooting - | had no idea he was there to capture "that moment". | highly recommend Ray for the quality and professionalism that he brings to every project. He is amazing!