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Documentary Wedding Videography

Watch the above video to see what we believe wedding films should be about

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Introducing our new videography team:
Jack Scicluna & Kenzie Sommer

Ray Anthony Weddings is now offering documentary videography to complement our award-winning documentary photography. By joining together both photo and video, we will provide you with a cohesive, creative team that works seamlessly together with the same focus of style and minimalistic approach of capturing your wedding in a documentary style.

As documentary videographers we believe that wedding videos should not just be about showing you the moment you exchanged those all-important vows, they’re also about showing you the moments you missed between your family and friends. They’re about the fun moments, the silly moments, the outright hilarious moments, and the emotional moments. They’re about showing you not just what your wedding looked like but how it felt to be there.

It’s important that every wedding we film is approached without preconceptions. We want every aspect of our wedding videos to truly reflect the personalities of our couples, from the style of the edit to the type of soundtrack we create. Our films are about people and every wedding video we create is unique to the people within it. We believe that by offering you documentary wedding videography, you will have the perfect complement to the documentary-style Ray Anthony Photography has been known for.  Pricing begins at $1800

Jack Scicluna

 Jack has been an associate photographer with Ray Anthony Photography since 2012. He has always been our guru for all things technical. When Ray approached him about overseeing and developing our video team, he did not hesitate. Jack is uniquely skilled to handle multiple roles with Ray Anthony Photography. He will continue to have dual responsibilities as both a photographer and, now, videographer.  You will enjoy his enthusiasm, friendliness and professionalism. We are lucky to have such a talented guy! 


Kenzie Sommer

Kenzie has been filming since her youth and began filming and editing for her hobby YouTube channel in high school.  This experience helped her evolve into a young entrepreneur and began making short form social media advertisements for local businesses. She expanded her skills into wedding videography when asked to film a friend’s wedding. Instantly, she found that her talent that blossomed with her advertising background had provided her with an eye and intuition for storytelling and capturing the unfolding story, celebration, and emotions of a bride and groom on their wedding day.


Our documentary approach is guided by these three premises



If you decide that you want both a professional photographer and videographer for your wedding, it is a good idea to think about how well their styles might align. When you select a photographer and videographer with two different styles, you risk obtaining an end product that is a compromise from both professionals. When their approach is different, something has to give.



Documentary wedding videographers do not require additional time on the wedding day for staged or directed imagery. We also do not use bulky video cameras, extra lighting equipment or put our cameras on tripods with wheels! Our approach is minimalistic so that you won’t see our gear lying on the ground in the background of your photographs.



To get the very best from both your documentary wedding photographer and videographer, it makes perfect sense to choose a team that works together wedding after wedding. Together, both understanding what the other requires, allows us to work in tandem with each, share the same vision and stay out of each other’s way.

Let Us Capture The Story of Your Day

If you love our documentary approach to wedding photography, and are strongly considering adding a videographer, let us show you why our documentary videography team is the perfect choice!