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All you must know about Documentary Wedding Photography

You are planning a wedding photography in Birmingham and don’t know who to contact for wedding photos. Photos are one of the most important things that speak a thousand words and one of the last things left after a wedding.

The memories of your wedding day will never be forgotten because you have recorded the photos. But what is “documentary wedding photography” or “declared wedding photography” and is this style of photography right for you?

What is a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

Wedding documentary photographers use the same techniques and approaches as photojournalists when covering stories. They capture the unrecorded moments of their wedding day to create a collection of wedding photos that tell the story of the day.

If you are interested in the style of wedding photography, this article will cover topics such as the benefits of documentary wedding photography and how to find a photographer that suits your needs.

Benefits of Documentary Wedding Photography

Documentary Wedding Photography is useful for couples looking for more realistic and candid photos of their wedding day.

Here are some of the key benefits of this approach.

Today’s Experience

Weddings have become a checklist of must-haves and hours of portrait photography. Photographers documenting the wedding day are in the background. Relive your wedding day instead of the stress of taking pictures.

Natural and Casual

Documentary wedding photography is generally more relaxed and natural than traditional photography. This allows couples to be themselves without worrying about posing.

Another angle: couples can see their wedding day as it would in a real photo rather than a traditional staged shot.


Documentary wedding photography is timeless. These candid images capture real emotions and moments that will be meaningful and memorable for the future.

Tips for finding a wedding documentary photographer 

1.Research a local photographer

Start with a simple Google search to find a local photographer who specializes in documentary wedding photography. 

Find a photographer with a vast portfolio of serious, spontaneous photos that capture the real emotions and moments of your wedding day. 

2.Read reviews and ask for recommendations

 Read past customer reviews from places like Google Reviews. Ask the wedding venue if they know of a photographer who specializes in documentary photography of weddings.

3.Chat with potential photographers

Get in touch and schedule a consultation to discuss how they spend their day and get ideas for your shooting style and approach. It’s a red flag when it mentions needing wedding photos in under an hour.

4.Make a decision

After meeting with several photographers, compare the options and choose the one you feel best suits your style of photography.

You can hire a talented and experienced documentary photographer to document your wedding by following these steps.

Final words 

Documentary wedding photography is a great option for couples who want real wedding photos. Couples often spend more time celebrating with their guests, allowing them to unwind and be themselves on their wedding day.